Fichet-Bauche is a world-leader in secure storage, committed to protecting valuables, documents and data media from fire and burglary with their innovative range of safes, cabinets, vaults and locks.  In 1999 Fichet-Bauche became a member of the Gunnebo Group.


Every one of the security products is instilled with Fichet-Bauche’s unique combination of expertise, innovation and elegance.

With over a century and a half of experience in the secure storage market, Fichet-Bauche’s expertise is second to none. They are internationally renowned for their skill at delivering the best possible security solutions to their clients.
Throughout their history, they have always been at the forefront of new safe and lock technology and today the company is still pushing the boundaries of innovation, constantly developing new, more effective materials to provide the finest burglary-resistant and fireproof secure storage solutions.

Design is a key element in everything they do. Each detail of the safes and locks is expertly crafted to create elegant and attractive products.

As well as form, they also focus on function. Every aspect of a safe, from the door hinges to the handle and from the lock to the fittings, is designed ergonomically for maximal ease-of-use.