Our company VOUROS O. E. has been in the business of selling and servicing safes and physical security products in the Greek market ever since it was established in 1922 by our founder, the late Georgios J. Vouros. Having been born and raised in Asia Minor, he traveled to France as a youth where he learned the trade of locksmithing and security equipment construction at the Fichet Company - one of the most prestigious manufacturers in all of Europe - before settling down in Greece permanently and establishing his business. It is remarkable that the founder of our company - our grandfather - received the very first license to practice locksmithing professionally in all of Greece!

The responsibilities of the business were taken over in 1952 by his son, IOANNIS G. VOUROS, who also provided technical support for the English firm of "Chubb and Son's Lock and Safe Company Ltd". In 1980 Ioannis Vouros, together with his two sons GEORGIOS and ALEXANDROS, founded the company of "IOANNIS G. VOUROS & SONS O. E.", trading in safes and security equipment from all over Europe. At the same time they continued to offer complete technical support for all the products they traded in. Our business became familiar throughout Greece for the excellent quality of equipment and the high level of services which were offered. In 1997, after many years of collaboration with Chubb, our company was granted the exclusive distributorship of all Chubb products in the Greek market.

Later, in 2001, Ioannis Vouros retired from the company and the administration was assumed jointly by his two sons. Since then, the company continues its successful operations under the present name VOUROS O. E.

In 2000, the sector of Chubb’s operations concerned with the trading of safes was acquired by the giant corporate group GUNNEBO AB based in Sweden.  The main activity of this group is the manufacture and sales of physical security products with premises located all over the world.  GUNNEBO’s investments in Chubb resulted in the upgrading and modernization of the sector, which has since been renamed CHUBBSAFES. The range of CHUBBSAFES products is being developed continuously in order to ensure the highest possible levels of quality.  Today our company continues its authorized representation of the GUNNEBO group in the division of safes and related products.  Consequently we now have the opportunity to offer the full range of physical security products sold under the brand names of CHUBBSAFES, as well as the FICHET BAUCHE products belonging to the same group.

Our objective is to remain up-to-date and to offer our customers the most modern and secure solutions that are applied today in the business world.  We maintain the largest selection of certified products such as high-security safes for the protection of cash and valuables; burglary-resistant safes for the home or office; safes with protection against burglary combined with fire-resistance; fire-resistant safes for the protection of data / digital media; deposit safes; security cabinets; fire-resistant safes and cabinets for documents; fire-resistant filing cabinets, security doors, vault doors, modular vault rooms, and safe-deposit locker installations. Likewise, we stock a large range of high-security mechanical and electronic combination locks and Time Locks as well as spare parts, suitable for repairing or upgrading older models of equipment.

Having installed hundreds of the products listed above, we undoubtedly have the know-how that is required for selling to - and providing exemplary technical support to - the most demanding customers in the Greek market.  Basically, we are the "experts" in the field of supplying physical security products to every type of customer, be if for private, commercial, or high-risk use.

Our company is located in the heart of Athens, just moments away from most our major customers, who have become accustomed to our immediate response to their call for service.  We have, over the years, gained their trust because of the high quality of the products we supply in addition to the level of professionalism with which our technicians confront their every need.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.  We will be more than glad to answer all of your questions with absolute discretion regarding the proper physical security needed for the protection of your property.