VOUROS O. E. deals primarily with the range of physical security products manufactured and supplied by GUNNEBO AB, based in Sweden. The Gunnebo Group is a professional supplier of security products and solutions. With years of experience, Gunnebo has unrivalled expertise in delivering secure storage, site protection, entrance control and cash-handling solutions to homes and businesses around the globe.


Gunnebo's solutions for Secure Storage gives:

  • improved security in the office,
  • burglary protection for valuables,
  • fire protection for documents and data media,
  • more efficient storage, and
  • easier and more convenient management

using the latest fire- and burglary- resistant technology to create high-quality, independently tested safes, cabinets and vaults which guarantee security in the home and the business environment.


Our full range of products includes all types of burglary- and fire-resistant equipment such as high-security safes for the protection of cash and valuables; burglary-resistant safes for the home or office; safes with protection against burglary combined with fire-resistance; fire-resistant safes for the protection of data / digital media; deposit safes; security cabinets; fire-resistant safes and cabinets for documents; fire-resistant filing cabinets; security doors, vault doors, modular vault rooms, and safe-deposit locker installations and finally, a wide range of high-security locks. Similarly, we are able to provide a full range of spare parts and mechanical and electronic locks for servicing and upgrading older models of safes and equipment.


The Gunnebo Secure Storage products which VOUROS O. E. deals with are marketed and sold under the brand names of CHUBBSAFES, as well as the FICHET-BAUCHE products belonging to the same group.