After-sales service is our speciality!


We take great pride in the dedication and responsibility with which our team of technicians at VOUROS O. E.  carries out all of our service work.  With three generations of experience to boast of, our company holds a significant share of the Greek market for the Servicing of Physical Security Products.  By ensuring our technicians are well-trained, we can guarantee that the security specifications of your equipment will last a lifetime.

Contact us with confidence for all of your Technical Support requirements. We specialize in the installation, maintenance, repair, and relocation of all types of burglary- and fire-resistant equipment such as high-security safes for the protection of cash and valuables; burglary-resistant safes for the home or office; safes with protection against burglary combined with fire-resistance; fire-resistant safes for the protection of data / digital media; deposit safes; security cabinets; fire-resistant safes and cabinets for documents; fire-resistant filing cabinets; security doors, vault doors, modular vault rooms, and safe-deposit locker installations, and finally, a wide range of high-security locks. 


Description of Services Offered


Lost keys or forgotten combinations happen every day and usually at a most awkward time. With immediate and direct communication links to our entire technicians’ team, your problem will be resolved in the least possible amount of time.


We maintain a full range of servicing equipment so that we can duplicate most types of keys, including those for safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes, and fire-resistant equipment.


Many times, users of combination locks find difficulties with the operation of the combination code. These difficulties can be attributed to a number of reasons, such as the changing of a set combination. Our company, with its specially-trained technicians, is in a position to deal with every type of problem related to operating combination locks.


It is necessary to change locks when keys have been lost or stolen, and even following changes in personnel or when security is upgraded. Be it for safes, vaults, safe deposit boxes, or for ATM machines, our company is able to provide fast and economical service for such replacements.


It is possible to upgrade the security of one's safe or vault by opting to install an electronic lock with capabilities such as time delay mechanism, programmable TIME LOCKING, and for audit trail.


It is possible to retrofit TIME LOCK mechanisms to existing installations. Follow-up maintenance by our specialized technicians guarantees its continuous economical operation.


A large assortment of spare parts is kept in stock on our premises, with next-day delivery. Our purpose is, following the installation of the replacement part, to return your safe to its original condition without any flaws.